PRAXIS: An Intermediate Rope Labratory

MzFur & VoxBody Studio are thrilled to announce this monthly rope lab!

Join us every 3rd Monday from 7:30-10pm on the East side of the Bay.

 On July 17th 2017, MzFur will launch off the Laboratory with a demo on the Reverse Tension “Foot-omomo”. It’s easy to tie and control the tension with a bottom in partial or full suspension. This is a go-to fat leg tie for bottoms that are flexible and leave little space to pull rope through.

What is Praxis?

A Rope Laboratory geared towards students who want to continue honing their skills, study variations of standard ties, and experiment in a focused, collaborative container. Fine tune your skills in: rope placement, tension, hanger position, and focus in on the micro-adjustments that make the difference in a successful tie for both Top and Bottom.

Each Rope Lab will include: a brief opening circle, a demo, open practice time (~90min.), and a closing discussion to share your experience or findings.

More details and TICKETS!

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